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What we look for in a Company...
Futuro Financial is highly selective when evaluating prospective investments. When we identify and research an investment we focus on companies within industries which we believe have the strongest potential for long-term returns.

The companies we focus on have certain qualities and values that we believe will help you build capital over the mid to long term. We look for business plans that adhere with our investment strategy and have the following characteristics:

Large Markets with Strong Growth Potential
large Markets We target markets which our Market Strategists believe will rapidly grow to be worth over $5 billion within the next 5 years.  Our focus on sectors such as Alternative Energy, Mineral & Metals and Biotechnology provides our clients with access to a wealth of emerging market opportunities. Our Research Analysts aim to take an early assessment of the market opportunity as it first arises, quantifying the risk and prospects for success of each investment.
Industry Leader
Industry Leader If a company is not already one of the leaders within its industry or sector, it should demonstrate competitive strengths that provide the conditions required for it to attain a dominant position over the long-term. We search for companies that have the potential to shape the way consumers access products, services and solutions and are positioned to satisfy market demand.
Businesses with Proven Technology
Technology We search for companies able to exploit a market niche with a proprietary technology, a product patent or a dominant sales and distribution channel. These qualities signify that the business has the potential to become the market leader..

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