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Futuro's Strategy

Recurring Revenue
Revenue Futuro Financial targets companies with sustainable recurring revenue because we recognise the importance of highly scalable businesses able to produce accurately predictable cash flows which represent acutely attractive acquisition targets to both strategic and financial buyers.
Strong Entrepreneurship and Experienced Management
Management Management is the most critical factor in determining success for all businesses. Much of Futuro Financial’s research is concentrated on evaluating the competency and proficiency of the management team. We insist on excellence in management and seek to leverage the management’s substantial operating experience, extensive contact network and robust reputation within their industry.
Attractive Price-to-Value Ratio
Attractive Futuro Financial seeks to invest at when valuations are attractive relative to a company’s potential for growth as compared with the average for their sector. Whilst we endeavour to find companies which are best equipped to be able to capitalise on an emerging market sector, we only pursue the investment if it provides exceptional value to our clients.
Strong Finances
Strong Finances We look for companies that have strong finances and have demonstrated their ability to generate consistent growth in revenues. A solid foundation indicates that the company has the ability to escalate their earnings and increase dividends over the next 5-10 years.
Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Competitive We endeavour to discover businesses with a considerable competitive advantage which can be sustained and increased in the future. A company that exploits a market niche by virtue of a proprietary technology, service, license or franchise, has the preeminent position to become the primary player within their sector. In the same way, a company who is first to launch a product or service to market may fulfil this criterion if the competitive advantage is sustainable over time.
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