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In 2003, Futuro Financial was founded with the vision of building an independent firm to develop long-term partnerships with our clients. Futuro Financial is owned and run by our 6 Management Partners and 22 Associate Partners, although we consider you, our valued client, as our most important partner.

George T Sinclair
George Sinclair, Futuro Financial’s President George Sinclair serves Futuro Financial’s President. George has 22 years experience of investment management. Prior to joining Futuro Financial, George was Chairman of a top performing Hong Kong Hedge Fund. George Sinclair has an MBA from Wharton and has lived in Asia since 1994.

Osamu Hayashi
Osamu Hayashi, Vice-President of Operations at Futuro Financial, Osaka, Japan Osamu Hayashi is the Vice-President of Operations at Futuro Financial. Osamu joined Futuro Financial in 2003 after completing his Masters Degree at the London School of Economics. Michael is responsible for the operational decisions and planning, and is Chairperson of Futuro’s Management Committee.

Simon Hauserman
Simon Hauserman, Vice-President of Communications & Technology in Futuro Financial Japan Simon Hauserman serves as Vice-President of Communications & Technology. Simon joined Futuro Financial in 2004 following working for Oracle for 12 years as a Systems Architect. Simon is a specialist in developing management and operational systems and has extensive programming knowledge.

Riko Yoshida
Riko Yoshida is Vice-President of Finance at Futuro Financial, Osaka, Japan Riko Yoshida is Vice-President of Finance at Futuro Financial. Riko joined Futuro Financial in 2004 after 6 years as Chief Financial Officer for an International Charitable Fund based in Kuwait and has extensive contacts across Asia. Riko is responsible overseeing the financial, audit, accounting functions.

Jacob Waldmann
Jacob Waldmann, Vice President of Merger and Acquisitions at Futuro Financial, Osaka, Japan Jacob Waldmann serves as Vice President of Merger & Acquisitions at Futuro Financial. Jacob has extensive experience of negotiating and concluding mergers, acquisitions, leveraged buy-outs and private equity transactions. Jacob is Chairperson of Futuro Financial’s Investment Committee.

Dr. Charles C Groves
Charles Groves, Vice-President of Research at Futuro Financial, Osaka, Japan Charles Groves is Vice-President of Research at Futuro Financial. Dr. Grove has extensive academic knowledge and practical experience in market research and fundamental analysis. Dr. Groves is responsible for Futuro Financial’s extensive research operations and is Vice-Chairman of our Investment Committee.
Futuro Financial’s primary mandate is to access and maximise opportunity through investment in the Asian markets, with risk and return considerations, levels of liquidity and investment objectives being tailored according to the specific requirements of each of our clients. Futuro Financial’s client base includes institutional and private investors in the US, Europe and Asia.

Futuro Financial’s specialist Advisors will investigate your current financial needs and your future goals. We aim to gain a thorough understanding of what you want to achieve from your relationship with Futuro Financial. We know that our clients value of a personalised and productive relationship with our Advisors.  ... Read more
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