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Investment Process

Investment process At Futuro Financial, our investment decision-making process is driven by our research. Our refined investment process has four key stages, starting with screening and research through to review and implementation.

The screening process is quantitative and starts with an array of thousands of companies within hundreds of niche market sectors encompassing developed, emerging, and frontier markets in Asia. The screening process aims to identify and select companies that combine attractive valuations, strong balance sheet and high potential profitability, which warrant more detailed research.

Futuro Financial’s research program includes fundamental analysis, research reports and assessments of the management team.  Our comprehensive investment reports include an analysis of industry position, regulatory issues, management track record, corporate governance and opportunities for growth. 

Every target company’s financials are reviewed and restated with particular emphasis on cash flow.  Futuro Financial’s investment reports are reviewed each week by our Research Committee, with the conclusions determining our decisions to buy and sell.

We believe that market timing is critical to investment success, and this is pronounced by the dynamism of Asian markets.  We buy a particular stock when its combination of value and profitability factors is more attractive relative to the market sector and to the securities own history. Conversely, a security is sold from the portfolio if its combination of value and profitability has deteriorated and the capital can be recycled into more attractive positions.

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